Monday, December 1, 2014

Agro Forestry Nursery

We  love our trees

 All of them .  

We have tried not to cut down too many trees  on this property since we have been here and have made the fields and roads on the farm  around the trees, trying to capture 
                                                                        and  preserve 

 the special feeling of the trees on Naciriyawa Farm.


So, when the opportunity came to get involved in a
 reforestry  project in Fiji
we were very happy. 
read about it here 
and here.... 

It however, also meant that we had to cut some trees save some trees.....

Claude measured out the area we thought would be big enough for about 100 000 saplings and he started to
                             de stump and remove  trees...  
Funny how life is.....Claude and his brother had a de-stumping company in Knysna , South Africa many years ago and now that knowledge and experience came in handy!

Holes had to be dug...a job that seemed endless and hard as the dry soil....rainy conditions had not yet set in....

So , as the saying in Afrikaans goes....a Boer maak n plan.....(to make another arrangement/plan)

 and pretty soon the fence posts were up....(ok , maybe not that soon....)

and then the fencing material arrived.....

a work in progress.....

and like he said - there must be a time for
                  pleasure (fishing) 
                                                                                         as well......

the rains came....and our  
                        Agroforestry Nursery
              is now a proud addition to Naciriyawa Farm.

 more about this later.......