Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What are we up to?









The car



Coconut Palms.....

Claude having fun !

We are trading firewood for Coconut Palms....

The whole property  only has 8 very high and very old  Coconut Palms 
 and it is our aim to plant as many Coconut Palms as possible.

Planting over the last couple of weeks, the count currently stands on 140!

The poor car! Sacrifices are made by all....

Do you know what coconut means?
                                                   ....coco means grinning face

                                                                                        and that is what you see if you look at the
3 holes on a coconut.

Expressive little faces.
...I think usually sad little faces.

 So, maybe one day....

                                 we may live to see our land and garden looking like this.....

 Cousteau resort - SavuSavu, Fiji

Dreams are made of this.....

a view from my hammock 'one day'.......

Dream on....

Feedback from Fiji

Today is time for the second batch
sweet potatoes
to be planted.

 some of us
                                       and some of us

 It is but a few months since  we planted  our first batch of kumara.

Mariska, Ledua and I

Our timber posts  for the  power fencing have arrived.
They are 200mm  treated pine posts.
                                                Now for the holes to be  dug....

Chinese cabbage
                                 and beans
                                  growing well and the
                                                                                 first cucumbers are also being harvested.

the bird....

Fiji Goshawk (Accipiter rufitorques

The Fiji Goshawk is endemic to Fiji and not shy.  According to the locals it can prey on chickens and we now suspect that the Goshawk is responsible for the disappearance of our lost puppy!

He appears out of nowhere when Claude starts the tractor and then follows him around looking for the  titbits that the slasher spits out!!  Lizards, grasshoppers, mice....

We had  new 'visitors' in the anchorage and some older ones stopped by again!

.........   and the winter swell arrived!
Claude and the girls surfed the perfect , small waves breaking  behind the boat on the reef and fun was had by all!   

 The swell brought surfable waves which lasted about 2 days. 

The anchorage was comfortable and we only experienced a slight movement on the boat for about 30 minutes each day when the tides changed.
Nothing we could not handle !

 and as always the moon ( or the sun)
                                                                    are the subject of stunning photos....mood setters.

Us going home with the dinghy after a looong day on land....

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Bird's view of NACIRIYAWA

Ever wondered what Naciriyawa means?  Read about it here......

For want...

 Roza and I

 Roza, my stallion, "disappeared" from our land on Wednesday evening.  There were  no leads to follow up.  We asked for help from our nearest village and the Chief's son was very helpful and a team of young men and boys started to search for the 'lost' horse. 

We were overjoyed when Roza was returned on Friday evening.

  (The reward asked for,  left a bit of doubt in our  minds about  Roza's 'disappearance' though.....)

'For want of a Nail' is a proverbial rhyme showing that small actions can result in large consequences.

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the message was lost.
For want of a message the battle was lsot.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horsehoe nail.

on the subject of  a lost horse.....

Sufi legend

By Paulo Coelho

Many years ago in a poor Chinese village, there lived a peasant with his son. His only material possession, apart from some land and a small straw hut, was a horse he had inherited from his father.

One day, the horse ran off, leaving the man with no animal with which to till the land. His neighbors – who respected him greatly for his honesty and diligence – came to his house to say how much they regretted what had happened. He thanked them for their visit, but asked:

- How can you know that what has happened has been a misfortune in my life?

Someone mumbled to a friend: “he can’t accept reality, let him think what he wants, as long as he isn’t saddened by what happened.”

And the neighbors went off, pretending to agree with what they had heard.

A week later, the horse returned to the stable, but it was not alone; it brought with it a fine mare for company. Upon hearing this, the villagers – who were flustered since they now understood the answer the man had given them – returned to the peasant’s house, in order to congratulate him on his good fortune.

- Before you had only one horse, and now you have two. Congratulations! – they said.

- Many thanks for your visit and for all your concern – answered the peasant. – But how can you know that what has happened has been a blessing in my life?

Disconcerted, and thinking he must be going mad, the neighbors went off, and on the way commented: “does he really not understand that God has sent him a gift?”

A month later, the peasant’s son decided to tame the mare. But the animal unexpectedly reared up and the boy fell and broke his leg.

The neighbors returned to the peasant’s house – bringing gifts for the wounded boy. The mayor of the village offered his condolences to the father, saying that all were very sad at what had happened.

The man thanked them for their visit and their concern, but asked:

- How can you know that what has happened has been a misfortune in my life?

They were all astonished to hear this, since no one could be in any doubt that the accident of a son was a real tragedy. As they left the peasant’s house, some said to others: “he really has gone mad; his only son might limp forever, and he is still in doubt about whether what happened is a misfortune.”

Some months passed, and Japan declared war on China. The Emperor’s envoys traveled throughout the land in search for healthy young men to be sent to the battle front. Upon arrival in the village, they recruited all the young men except the peasant’s son, whose leg was broken.

None of the young men returned alive. The son recovered, the two animals bred and their offspring were sold at a good price. The peasant began visiting his neighbors to console and help them, – since they had at all times been so caring. Whenever one of them complained, the peasant said: “how do you know it is a misfortune?” If anyone become overjoyed, he asked: “how do you know it is a blessing?”

And the men in that village understood that beyond appearances, life has other meanings.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

our first harvest....ever!

It is the dry season and winter in the Southern Hemisphere.
Somebody exclaimed the other day : "But you guys in the tropics don't have winter!"  Well, let me tell you, the low temperatures of  18 - 20 degrees (for us) is cold! 
Fortunately our crops are growing although we have to use municipal water....  not so cool!

wishlist - borehole!

Chinese cabbage doing mama proud !

another angle on Wombok - chinese cabbage.

The big decision - which one of these cabbages will be the first harvest
                                                                                                                                       on Naciriyawa?

   This one!

Well done!! Congrats to all !

and you .....my lovely pumpkins............... are next......

The septic toilet is still in progress....
                               We are collecting stones to line the septic pit....

It is a horrible, 

 The pit just doesn't seem to get fuller!

O, and Mr Cock turned out into a cocky rooster......
                                         He is now the guardian of the property and chases us all on sight! 

The orange team off on another stone collecting mission!

Naca and Claude have been tidying up the land , cutting down Vaivai brances - it will be used for building projects.

............................... and our first accident.
                      Claude was busy taking the above photo of Naca when a branch fell - right on top of him !

                                                                                    Ouch @*7!

Our inspection of the cassava revealed - new leaves!! yeah!

Roza, my stallion prefers to drink his water straight from the hose!

Speedy is the favourite of all the little ones.

Starting the garden at the entrance to the compound .....

Mariska turning from a yachtie girl into a farm girl. The girls are loving the farm and check on our progress and our crops every day.

 Mariah and Claude at the table during  tea break.

and how can I not add another awesome sunset?