Wednesday, November 4, 2015


So, I wanted a chandelier. 
                                                      I thought a homemade light will suit our cottages..

Claude asked the blacksmith to weld the frames....

 and then I made 'candles' using an old piece of water pipe, 
                                                                           a lighter and plastic strips....and once they were painted ....
looked really authentic!

The shells came from welcoming Bula! strings given to visitors arriving at the airport

 Here is a view from outside into the cabin.. 
                                                                              I am soo happy with the outcome!

Yes, the ropes in the foreground are part of our cyclone preparations....
                                                                                 it is that time of the year again!

Tried to get  12V candle lights and fittings in Fiji,
                                                               but was just met by blank stares.....ok, plan B.

 I used 12V LED strip lights for the light and also 3LED's in every 'candle'.  
                                   I think it worked out fine.  I used the 'warm'  strip light.


                      Our Naciriyawa  Fiji 
                     homemade  Chandelier....

(Thanx to Karen and Cheryl, who ordered the strip lights from Amazon ,having it delivered to an address in the States and then sent to Fiji!)

Monday, October 5, 2015

kitchen dresser

Remember the timber from the salvaged Hall?

It was time for a kitchen shack revamp. and Claude used the timber from the Hall , circa 1879, to build a rustic kitchen dresser.






kitchen shack

(remember the devastation of the shack after Winston?
pics and video