Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August , the month when the Lions roar.

Been a month of building   

                                         work.....read about it here

                                          goat babies



                                                                   worx fiji 

Our three female goats became mothers this month and Claude and I have been present during the births. The first time that I saw an animal being born. Wonderful.

We have papayas in abundance!

The cottages are progressing fine.  This is a view of the walkway between the cottages.......
under construction.

The five kids are cute beyond words....

 and I wonder how long before cute 

                                                              will turn into naughty!


                                 Riaan, my son , 

                is on the last stretch of his       circumnavigation of Africa!   

 He left Johannesburg on March 9   and rode with his motorbike up the West coast of Africa , across Europe and coming down the East coast of Africa.  

What an accomplishment.  What and adventure.  Read about  his travels here - Vansafrica.com
Love the photos, the blog and especially the music in the videos!

It was also my Mom's birthday on the 8th.  Being continents apart, we had to do with a virtual cake ...and a phone call.

!Until next time !

July and August - our driest months.

                              It is our dry season. 
           July/ August have on average only 52mm rain each.  We feel it.

I am trying my best to keep up with the watering, but will remember next year not to plant during these months! 

Maybe because the shrubs are under stress, the flower display is wonderful. 

My brand new yellow hibiscus cutting is flowering for the first time.  Think you can see that the cutting has only 2 leaves, but it is already flowering!

This pink hibiscus is gorgeous! 

James and his team have been busy bees and our cottages are coming along just fine.

Some more beautiful flowers in our garden.....

Some more building pics....

I made a  BIG note in my diary for next year.... Do NOT plant during the dry season!

But - on the bright side , less rain means fewer mosquitoes.

Until next time!